Saturday, November 15, 2008

Joe's Pizza & Pasta

Things have really cooled off a bit.  I mean it both in terms of the weather turning wintry, and the turnout of riders diminishing for the weekly club rides.  I guess it also has something to do with obligations, price of gas in decline, and of course, it's all about choices. 

Ed showed up at Rao's on his newly-overhauled Scarabeo (finally) and he was stoked; except after a cup of strong coffee each, our behinds were still frozen at the cafe's outdoor patio.  Like they say, it's about dinner time and the powerful, piercing, northwesterly gusts forced us to seek shelter and a warm, nourishing meal at Joe’s Pizza & Pasta.  That delicious, rich and creamy chicken with artichoke and angel-hair pasta dish they called “Chicken Consentini” really hit the spot for me.  The light salad with the house dressing and fresh rolls were ample accompaniment to the dish also.  We headed back out after this quick meal and it would be another 100-miles or so in this sunny, cold and windy November day before the ride was done.  Did anyone mention the Rainbow Bridge?

Joe's Pizza & Pasta has good food at reasonable prices, attentive and upbeat staff and we recommend it with an enthusiastic 3-scooter rating:   

Joe's Pizza & Pasta
4318 Dowlen Rd
Beaumont, TX 77706

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