Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rio Rita Closed For Now

Rio Rita's Cantina y Restarante, a once-popular local Tex-Mex restaurant and cornerstone in Beaumont's failing Crockett Street Entertainment District closed today until further notice, according to reports by local media.  Having enjoyed great Tex-Mex food from San Antonio to Austin, and being spoiled by the abundant "authentic" Mexican food available here in the Triangle Area, I must say that my best assessment of the food and margaritas at Rio Rita's after only one visit can be summed up as just average.  It was a birthday party which I've attended, and nothing I ate or drank there was particualy remarkable.  I do hope that when it reopens again, the next incarnation of Rio Rita's will go bolder in flavors and not be satisfied at only being a tourist stop.  Of whatever Rio Rita's will become, good luck, because restaurant is one tough and fickle business in which to succeed.--Lorenzo 

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scgt said...

I believe it will reopen soon, under new management, with a new name, and a brand-new menu. Let's hope it will be better than Rio Rita ever was.