Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fusion Grill

Fusion Grill of Port Arthur is a good representation of what an ethnic restaurant ought to be--authentic, true to its people and their culture, undiluted and fiercely un-Americanized.  Owner Giri Mohan is very knowledgeable and he will walk you through the "exotic" menu which may overwhelm the uninitiated, pay attention to you and help you pick out what you're hungry for.  You will do just fine by following his recommendations, as I did.  

The Chicken Makhni is charcoal-grilled, then simmered in a tangy, creamy, spicy sauce that is both fiery, yet calm and leaves you with a whole new palette infused with rich, ancient, far-flung flavors.  Add some crispy, aromatic Garlic Naan and a glass of Sweet Lassi, and you've better sit tight and hang on to your utensils for this tasty adventure.--Lorenzo

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Fusion Grill receives:

Fusion Grill @ Ramada Inn
3801 Hwy 73
Pt. Arthur, Tx 77642


Girirajan said...

Hi friends,

This is Giri with Fusion Grill. I am very sorry to announce that Fusion Grill is closed, but I am also happy to announce that another Indian Restaurant "Spice 6" at the Food Court in Parkdale Mall, Beaumont, TX will be open this weekend. We will be proud and glad to serve you.
Come by and visit us.



Scooter Club Golden Triangle said...

Thanks, Giri, for the update! We will have to try out "Spice 6"! See you soon.


narendra said...

I guess there is no biryani in spice6 which is a very disappionting issue.

Scooter Club Golden Triangle said...

Hi, narendra

Glad that you've gone by Spice 6. Have you had a chance to ask Giri about the biryani? Maybe he can make it happen for you, if it's important enough. But remember, he's running a business, so it has to be profitable for him, too.