Friday, April 25, 2008

How Refreshing! (La Morenita revisited)

Get your very own agua de sandia at La Morenita.

Good things really come to those who wait. If I had left in haste, perhaps just a few minutes earlier today; then I would have missed out on this large, delicious, refreshing, cooling cup of agua fresca. Thanks to my little hesitation, or deceleration brought on by yet another satisfied devouring of La Morenita's triple-meat burrito created by Sandra and the nice ladies behind the counter, I was fortunate enough to linger and to catch a glance of the fresh agua de sandia (watermelon) being made and decided to stay for a cup, a large cup ($1.99). This is definitely the best thing one can have on a hot day like this. "Make it fresh everyday!", Sandra told me. I was so glad to be reunited with a simple pleasure from the days of living in San Antonio. "Another cup for my friend!", I called out. "Coming!", said Esmeralda behind the counter. I quickly paid Erica; rushed the drink to my friend, Dale, who was also working hard outside today; and just like a chain reaction, it rekindled his childhood memories. "My mother used to make this (in Louisiana); except a little sweeter...", exclaimed Dale. Wow! One simple, refreshing drink; two distinctive cultures, linked. How great is that! (map)--Lorenzo

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