Sunday, April 6, 2008

Floyd's Cajun Seafood's

(Picture this. In rapid succession, and in this exact order.) "Who picked this restaurant?"; "Was this your idea?"; "This has got to be the best food we've had around for a long time..."; "As good as Gaido's...", said Ed, numerous times. I hope our guests-of-honor from Houston's United Scooter Riders, Becky and Marie, would agree that Floyd's Cajun Seafood's impressed us very much this Saturday.

Risen from the ruins of the post-Hurricane Rita site formerly known as
Don's Seafood, Floyd's has an unassuming, yet impressive array of marvelous offerings. Combined with friendly, courteous service, and unpretentious yet inviting atmosphere, Floyd's has captured my imaginations since its opening. From the beginning, I have watched, and tasted with great pleasure the consistency and the single-mindedness of the cautious rise of this quality establishment.

Catfish & Oysters with Floyd's Signature Potatoes. Deeelicious!

Really, you don't have to hear it from me. To better illustrate our experience at Floyd's, let's bring in the "panel of experts" as they describe, in their own words, how they've enjoyed our little get-together at Floyd's this Saturday:

Marie had the Crawfish Etouffee with Fried Crawfish.

Lindsay said, "The white lump crab meat bisque was perfect. Delightful, creamy taste! The dirty rice was a bit spicy but I was pretty full and just could not eat anymore."

said, "The Chicken and Sausage Gumbo was the best I've ever had!"

Dev said, "(My husband) John and I split the Seafood Platter and he really liked the Fried Oysters! I luv Floyd's Signature Potatoes for the spiciness; but with that I've tried Stephen's Onion Rings, OMG, they are to die for! I mean the best I've ever had, I hafta say the Onion Rings impressed me the most! I ate catfish and that wuz good but fish is fish to me when dipped in tartar sauce! So I'll speak for John and myself, we'd give Floyd's 5 scooters for SERVICE, AMBIANCE, PRICE AND FOOD QUALITY." Then she added, "'Who picked the place', Ed said 'Kudos to whomever chose Floyd's.'" (Kudos indeed.)

Stephen savors the highly-regarded Seafood Gumbo.

Stephen had this to add, "I am not a big fan of Floyd's fried fare, but in my opinion they make some of the best seafood gumbo in Southeast Texas. A nice medium viscosity, flavorful not-too-dark roux, a generous portion of shrimp and crab, served with perfectly cooked rice. Aieeeeeeee...! The one fried item I do REALLY like from Floyd's is the Onion Rings. Thinly sliced, lightly battered and seasoned with Cajun spices and perfectly balanced with real deep-fried sweet onion flavor. Cooked just enough to crisp the batter and cook the onion slightly, releasing their sugar but not overpowering the raw onion 'bite'. C'est bon!"

And finally, Ed told us what he really thought about Floyd's, "
The food was very good and the price was right. I had grilled catfish with red beans and rice. Rice was cooked correctly. No grains sticking together and not over-cooked or under-cooked. Beans had sausages in them for flavoring and were to my liking; however, the beans were a bit over-cooked but still very good. The catfish had very good seasoning and only one place on fillet where the meat was thinner and it was a little over-cooked. This was to be expected when the meat varies in thickness. That is my take but it was an easy five-scoots."

Floyd's Cajun Seafood's received our highest rating of 5 scooters:

Keep up the great work, Floyd's! Can't wait to go back again!--

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