Monday, March 31, 2008

La Morenita Meat Market

(The Beaumont location)

A working man's meal!

The beauty deep inside. Delicious!

Simply the most AWESOME custom-made burritos between Beaumont, Texas and Santa Ana, California (where I used to live and work); or anywhere-else for that matter. At a mere $3.99 a pop, it is the absolute bargain of the 2nd Bush Administration, period! Order a delicious cup of Horchata to wash down your tasty, satisfying burrito for only 99 cents more; then you can take the rest of that garbage you've been eating and calling "Mexican food" and trow (yes, I do mean trow) them to the dawgs! Two locations, see MAP.--Lorenzo

La Morenita Meat Market sits on the NW corner of 11th St. & College St.-- site of the former Pancho's Mexican Buffet, which went under before Hurricane Rita. (See Poncho's sign still stands.)

Cure for the over-celebrated: La Morenita also serves an unbelievable menudo on Saturdays and Sundays for $4.99/bowl. Their tacos are no slouch, either; $1.29/ea. In this photo, taco de lengua (i.e. cow's tongue).

A close-up of the luxuriously irresistible bowl of menudo. Admittedly a taste which must be acquired, menudo enjoys a large following especially, but not exclusively to the over-imbibed. Also in the older cultures, in order to honor the slain animal (and not being wasteful), one must consume the entire animal, including in this case the stomach chambers of the cow, i.e. tripe (the main ingredient in making menudo) .

Immeditely north of La Morenita stands the enormous, popular Beaumont landmark "Ken Doll" of Ken's Muffler Shop. Gloriously repainted after Hurricane Rita of 2005.

A close-up of the "Ken Doll" reveals that he sports a single left earring. Tres, tres chic!
Go ahead, take a video tour of La Morenita Meat Market:

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