Friday, August 12, 2011

Willy Burger Opens Now!

(Beaumont, Texas)
Behold the "Uncle Charlie" w/$1 fried egg on top. Check it out! 

Went by there today, and boy, was it crowded! Said to have been opened only less than a month ago, this new revisionist, retro-chic burger joint has instantly become a favorite with the Westenders, including kids enjoying their precious last days of summer vacation. I ordered the "Uncle Charlie" with a fried egg, and that's my size "Large" left-hand in the picture holding the burger so you get an idea as to how enormous the thing is. Yes, you also get three strips of bacon, onion rings, and plenty of smoky barbecue sauce between the buns. As the PA overhead emphasized,"Friends don't let friends eat frozen meat patties...", Willy Burger uses only freshly-ground beef (they've got a big shiny meat grinder to prove it, too) for their generous, well-proportioned patties. About the only thing that will get better with time would be the taste of griddle, as it gets more well-seasoned with repeated cooking, the flavor of the sizzling burger patties will surely improve. So the next time you're in the neighborhood, check out this "new kid in town" (next to the old FatMac's Smokehouse) with a shiny Airstream trailer permanently attached to its side, and that would be "Willy, Willy good!"_Lorenzo

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