Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sartin's West Destroyed In Morning Blaze

According to KBTV Ch.4, the popular west-end Beaumont restaurant Sartin's West, famous for its BBQ crab and Cajun fare, was destroyed today in an early morning fire possibly caused by an electrical problem. Click here to read the complete report. For those of you who still remember, Sartin's occupies the location where Cody's used to be. There's another Sartin's restaurant on College Street near 11th in Beaumont (now renamed Issac Lee's after a possible lawsuit), and another one also wears that name Sartin's in Nederland (ex-wife's). Both are still in business; however, the former is not directly related to the one burned down today.--Lorenzo

*Update (2009):  Sartin's West has risen from the ashes of the 2008 fire, like a phoenix in the fairy tales, and re-emerged at a new location @ 1990 Interstate 10 South in Beaumont.  The Scooter Hawgs have yet to find an excuse to check it out...

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