Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cowboy Red's Bar-B-Q

Ron and Ed "Scare Bear". From last Saturday's ride. Read on for more...

This Saturday's ride took us out to Sabine Pass, another part of our area still rebuilding after the destructions of Hurricane Rita in 2005. Weather was just fantastic and the sunshine made me feel all warm and comfy. The winding roads minus the cagers provided some of the best rides we've ever had so far. "Where are we gonna eat?", Ed asked. Well, as you can see, we ended up at Cowboy Red's Bar-B-Q. Let me bring it to your attention: If you haven't tried their hamburgers, boy, you're really missin' out!
Cowboy Red's Bar-B-Q received the SCGT (Five Scooters!) rating.
Wish you were there!--Lorenzo

Ed showing off his new topcase LED brake light. Very cool!

Sam Houston's statue at Dick Dowling Park, Sabine Pass. Artist: Douglas Clark.

Offshore rigs are refurbished at Sabine Pass.

Well-fed riders are happy riders.

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